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Michael & Kelly

To say my first-born son is strong willed is kind of like saying Godzilla was a big lizard and to be honest, I think he has been that way since the moment he became self-aware. He arrived 13 days late and even then, they had to go in there and get him. He wasn’t coming out for love or money! Though now I understand, I likely could have coaxed him out with a bacon cheeseburger down my shorts!

We waited for days… we did all the things you’re supposed to do when you’re just plain OVER waiting for that kid…

I hear their voices, I always could…
I thought they were the voices in my head, my own thoughts or something but, at some level, even as I child I knew these thoughts weren’t my own. Perhaps I was a schizophrenic?
No, that didn’t seem to feel right either. My parents sent me to a psychologist who said I was a normal kid and that “I’d grow out of it.” — whatever that meant. I told him about the voices and everything, but he still said I was normal.

I didn’t feel normal.

I could see lights flickering in my…

Shari Dworkin-Smith; Psychic Medium

Shari Dworkin-Smith is a Certified Psychic Medium using her abilities to connect to your loved ones in spirit and to things going on in your own life.

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